Trio Mocoto

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From Brazil

A burst of happiness! There is no other way of describing the music of Trio Mocoto. A 60’s icon, they are like a mythological phoenix, rising from the ashes with results that are aflame! Perfectly samba-licious, this jovial trio has the power to summon sunshine on the stormiest days with their easy samba rock music, with just the right hint of jazz. One word – magical!Biography by Andy Morgan, July 2002:If you didn’t get your fill of samba football during the recent World Cup then here’s a chance to keep the magic alive but it’s your own fancy footwork that’ll be put to the test. The trio of musicians in Trio Mocotó; Fritz, Nereu and João Parahyba met in São Paolo, Brazil, in the late 1960s with hearts and ears full of black soul, British and US rock and jazz. They proceeded to blend all of these together with the pure samba that flowed through their veins and create a very unique samba-soul-rock hybrid. Opportunity knocked in 1969 when the great Jorge Ben asked Trio Mocotó to be his backing band during the recording of two seminal albums: ‘Jorge Ben 1969 and ‘Força Bruta’. When the former shimmied its way through to the top of the charts, with support from the hit song ‘País Tropical’, Jorge Ben took his new protégés with him on his rocketing rise to fame. The trio also released several albums under their own name, one of which included the immense hit ‘Coqueiro Verde’, and their happy, sassy, inventive sound filled the Brazilian air throughout the 1970s. These solo albums were to become rare and extremely desirable collectors items among fans of Brazilian music worldwide. After recording their last album in 1977 Trio Mocotó, took a short break, well almost twenty-five years, before recording and releasing a new album called ‘Samba Rock’ for the Ziriguiboom label in 2001. Trio Mocotó are merchants of pure musical sunshine, guaranteed to give you a lift whatever the weather, and whatever the score. Short biography 2002:Legendary 70's group Trio Mocoto bring you a joyful and humorous slice of samba-soul-rock with more groovy finger-snappin' vibes than you can wave a winged collar at. Beautifully crafted sounds to sway your flares to - big time! Biography from www.crammed.beApril 2002:Let us rejoice : the unique samba-soul-rock sound of legendary '70s band Trio Mocoto is back with 'Samba Rock', their first release since 1977. Based in Sao Paulo, the three original members Fritz, Nereu and Joao Parahyba return to rock the boat, bringing their energy and good vibes into our souls (and dancefloors) once again.Referred to by many as the "Fathers of the samba soul beat", the band was formed in the late '60s. Trio Mocoto was brought to fame in 1969, when they were invited by Jorge Ben to be his backing band for the entire "Jorge Ben 1969" and "ForÁa Bruta" albums. The former turned out to be Jorge's breakthrough album (it included the original version of his big hit "PaÌs Tropical"). After several hit singles (including "Coqueiro Verde") under their own name, the Trio went on to record three albums, which have now become collectors' items sought out by DJs the world over.Everything was permitted on Planet Mocoto. The norm was happiness, freedom and an overwhelming sense of musical adventure, without barriers or preconceived ideas. The repertoire, several of their own originals aside, included songs by the finest writers, from Roberto and Erasmo Carlos to Toquinho and VinÌcius, Ary Barroso to Burt Bacharach, Jorge Ben to Tim Maia. All very bouncy, groovy and full of the unique Mocoto flavor.

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