The Well Oiled Sisters

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From United Kingdom

Well, lookie here ... A sassy bunch of cowgirls with a rye mash sense of humour, tongues like horsewhips and a fiddle-playing sister who could teach the Devil himself a thing or two about possession.The Well Oiled Sisters hail from the untamed Pictish bar rooms of Edinburgh and whip up a thundering stampede of renegade country and western, hurtling over the ranges of Scottish folkland. The stage show is peppered with a worldly wit which appears to come from the same extensive familiarity with the rigours of Heartbreak Canyon as the lyrics of the finely crafted songs. Perhaps because of the pantomime that surrounds country and western, it is easy to forget that in its natural form it is an energetic rootsy folk music. What The Well Oiled Sisters have done is re-tune its original pathos and humour into the concerns and delights of your everyday bunch of stetson-wearing Scottish dykes. As you can imagine, it takes a sharp wit to pull that off with an audience as mixed as WOMAD, but the Sisters have it on tap. They also have the awesomely talented Miss Jones, who fuses with her fiddle to become a skittering tumbleweed of licks, jigs and classical breaks, chasing the dough pickin' chickens around Hillbilly County. It would be good to see some adventurous record company or music magazine find some space in the fashion calendar for a cowpunk (cowgrrrllls, anyone?) revival, 'cos I think we just found the trail bosses: "Four little ladies who weren't too bright,With their hats on backwardsAnd their bras too tight. Dirty cowgirls,They got obvious charms.Dirty cow-oww-owww girrrrls,They got strong right arms. Yeah, talking 'bout those girls who buck and bite,Mmmm ...! Bad little ladies who fuck 'n' fight.Poor wee wifies, they wake up no longer,But they ride much faster and they stay on longer."

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