"WOMAD Abu Dhabi - A brave new world of music"
The Independent

"Abu Dhabi Corniche beach has been the ideal setting for
this fabulous festival. It was absolutely fantastic - so much energy"

Gulf News, UAE


WOMAD Abu Dhabi 2010 was a resounding success despite the ash cloud threatening to put a halt to everything. In a mad cartoon like journey artists and crew made their way to the festival and wiped their brows when they got there. The energy at the festival was brilliant. The rebellious Punk slash Mongolian throat band Hanggai pulled in the crowds who only looked confused for a matter of seconds before dancing like there was no tomorrow, how could they not. There was a little disappointment in the air when musician Damien Marley had to cancel due to illness. However, when Rango joined forces with The Zawose Family to fill the slot this was all forgotten. The high energy performance got everyone moving madly and they will certainly never forget WOMAD Abu Dhabi 2010.
The beauty of WOMAD, expect the unexpected.

And now, I can only ask... What madness does 2011 have in store? The answer? Musical madness would be a good starter...

WOMAD Abu Dhabi 7-9 April 2011

WOMAD on the Corniche 7-9 April 2011
On Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April from 7pm onwards the Corniche, a beautiful beach in the centre of Abu Dhabi, will be the setting for the free festival. Artists will be performing to an international audience throughout the night. Workshops and Taste The World will also feature at this festival.

WOMAD at Al Ain, Al Jahili Fort 7 & 8 April 2011
The second event will take place a little way out of the city at the beautiful ancient Al Ain, Al Jahili Fort on Thursday 7th April and Friday 8th April only. It too will start at 7pm and carry on through the night.

WOMAD Workshops
WOMAD would not be WOMAD without its workshops. Artists performing at WOMAD Abu Dhabi will be will be leading workshop sessions every night at the festival, where audiences will be able to discover more about the artist, their culture, musical inspirations and the stories behind the music.

Children's workshops will also take place each evening of the festival, bringing young people together with professional artists, to explore the creative possibilities of a wide range of materials to make a fantastic array of costumes, headdresses, instruments and amazing structures, all of which will be displayed on the final celebratory beach procession on the final night.

Taste The World
Taste the World in Abu Dhabi will celebrate the rich culinary traditions, spices and ingredients of the Emirates and desert cultures, whilst bringing together a fascinating group of artists from Europe, Africa, India and UK to cook and share traditional dishes.

Visit Taste the World for an experience and feed all your sensesÂ…

WOMAD Beyond
WOMAD in partnership with ADACH are bringing together an outreach programme for schools in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain
In consultation with ADACH, WOMAD Beyond is planning a programme of work with a number of schools and cultural projects throughout Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
Artists, who are experienced educational tutors as well as consummate artists in their own right will share their skills and experience with the students. Working with these artists, young people will have insight into cultures from across the world through music, dance, voice and visual arts.

Please Note: Although it is unlikely that the event will be cancelled, or change dates or location, please note that WOMAD will not be responsible for refunding travel or accommodation costs should this occur. Please ensure you have travel insurance to cover you in these circumstances.

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