Stevie Goldsmith

From Australia

A yidaki (digeridoo) player, dancer, storyteller and cultural educator, Stephen Gadlabarti Goldsmith is a Narrunga, Kaurna and Ngarredjeri descendent, who is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Gadlabarti comes form the Kaurna language and means the native bee. His work is rooted in the history and culture of the Kaurna people whose oral tradition is powerful and complex, providing a rich source of understanding of culture and identity. Stevie has been a founder member of several traditional dance companies, including The Yidaki Dancers and is currently artistic director and choreographer of the Taikurtinna (family) Dancers. He has worked extensively overseas and now has a string of international festival performances to his credit. Over the last ten years he has been one of the foremost cultural educators and advisors at Tandanya, the National Aboriginal Cultural Institute in Adelaide. As a traditional performer Stevie works both as a solo artist and with his son Jamie Ngungana (Kookaburra) Goldsmith and together they offer a powerful presence when delivering performances and workshops which have a generosity of spirit and a cultural credibility, combined with superb musicianship. They have travelled and performed in the States and Europe and Stevie’s status as a cultural educator brings the music, the arts and the oral history of the Aboriginal indiginous people firmly into the 21st century. Singaporeans have had the chance to be delighted by Stevie's energetic display of his culture when he was invited to perform his music and dance as part of a Narrunga business enterprise delegation. For this visit, he will be joined by his son, Jaime, who began performing internationally when he was only 15. Stevie will be leading workshops in many aspects of Aboriginal culture including music and dance with young people as part of WOMAD in the Heartlands. Over the following weekend at WOMAD festival in Fort Canning Park, Stevie and Jaime’s compelling performances, storytelling and dance will offer audiences a unique insight into the role of the yidaki within contemporary Australian culture.

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