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From Italy

Electronica updating of Mediterranean traditions
You suspect that Nidi D'Arac aren't in favour of being pigeonholed, preferring to let their music fly free on the air. Nor do they appear keen to play the semantics games, not overly fussed about what name people give their music. "We simply interpret the Mediterranean traditions for how young Italians living in metropolitan realities perceive the culture now," they explain of their art. What this means practically is that more traditional instruments - accordions, flutes, violins, percussion - are fused together with a harder, rockier contemporary edge embellished by discernible twists of both techno and trip-hop. This soundclash between tradition and club culture - allied to the band's visually strong stage presence - covers all bases. It's music that's earthy yet electronic, spiky but spiritual, propulsive and profound. There's an alluring mystery about them too, wisps of gothic air pervading their performances. Welcome to the modern sound of rural southern Italy.

(Biography written by Nige Tassell 2011)

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19:27 21-Oct-2014

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18:06 07-Oct-2014

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10:16 01-May-2014

Meno 1.... Domani parte il crowdfunding del nuovo album dei @nididarac

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