Michel Montrond

From Cape Verde

Soulful young troubadour from Cesaria's home patch

Cape Verde, the necklace of islands off the coast of West Africa, punches well above its weight musically. The country's most famous daughter was, of course, Cesaria Evora, the bestselling morna singer who sadly passed away last year. Since Cesaria's breakthrough a couple of decades back, we've also welcomed the international arrival of another smoky-voiced Cape Verdean, one Mayra Andrade. So don't bet against their compatriot Michel Montrond following suit. Dextrous in his fingerpicking and soulful in voice, this young singer-songwriter is the latest ambassador for the islands' music, a man keen to export his homeland's twinkling musical jewels. Sounding stylistically midway between West Africa and Brazil (not surprising, given how Brazil and Cape Verde were both subjected to colonisation by the Portuguese), these gently rolling, slightly steamy songs instantly transport you to equatorial quarters. A star could well be born.

(Biography written by Nige Tassell 2012)

Michel Montrond - Tuma Fe

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