A Filetta

Photo Of A Filetta

From Corsica

Standing close together, watching, sensing, their voices resonate. Finding the right balance, multiplying in intensity, they become one
instrument, evoking centuries of polyphonic echoes across the Corsican landscape. A Filetta was founded in 1978 by the 13-year-old Jean-Claude Acquaviva and they have been bringing the passion, emotional fervour and beauty of this art to audiences around the world ever since. Like the fern from which they take their name, A Filetta are deeply rooted in the Corsican soil. Folk song and sacred hymns are part of their repertoire but with original compositions, film soundtracks, dance, theatre and opera collaborations, they are constantly carrying the traditions forward. In Corsica, when someone leaves the island and forgets his roots they say "S'e' scurdatu di a filetta" (he has forgotten the fern). You'll never forget A Filetta.

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